If there’s one thing that Norah can get excited about at any moment, it’s horses.  Since she was old enough to walk, horses have made her smile. What we initially thought might be a passing phase turned into a full blown passion.


Each week for the past two years she has committed every Saturday to learning horsemanship. She has thrived off of the responsibility of helping to care for them and the challenge of adjusting to their varying personalities.  I’ve never met a person so committed to mucking stalls.  


Horses have helped her through some of life’s most challenging times.  She hopes to one day have a barn of her own with horses that she can teach other kids to ride.


When she’s not riding, you can find her creating stories, painting, riding her bike and playing basketball.  


Norah's Favorite Anni Lyn Item?   The Kid's Elegance 1/4 Zip Mesh Shirt in Navy!


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