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Anni Lyn Sportswear Kid's Equestrian Headband - One Size

Anni Lyn wanted the kids to have a headband designed just for them like Mom or their big sister has when they are riding. These headbands were sized to fit smaller heads as they are one inch shorter in diameter and height for a better fit for a kids head. These headbands come in colorful Sunset Horses design or a fun loving Unicorn design. These can be worn as a headband, bandana or a face covering. Made of 100% polyester for wrinkle resistance, stretch-ability and machine washable.


  • Two fun and colorful designs - Sunset Horses and Unicorn
  • Made to fit smaller heads
  • Can be used as a headband, bandana or face covering
  • Made of 100% Polyester for wrinkle resistance and stretch
  • Machine Washable

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